What is Avo?

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Avo lets companies ship clean and functional product analytics, so they can make informed decisions that drive growth in three steps:

  1. Design and review your metrics and events in the Avo app.
  2. Implement the analytics from the Avo command line tool
  3. Avo validates your events and delivers the data to your product analytics provider of choice.

Because your whole team has access to the same interface designing and verifying the data, you trust that the insights in your product analytics provider are correct. Developers love it because what’s been boilerplate and tedious work has been made error-proof for them so they can go back to building features instead of sweating over breaking their analytics every time they ship.

The Avo Analytics Governance Workflow is built to unlock the virtuous cycle of good analytics governance where anyone can access the insights they need and it’s easy to implement changes. Empower your team to understand what gets tracked, participate in the data design, and then line up the code and implement. Rinse, review and repeat!

Why Avo?

Unlock the inventiveness of your team by democratizing what gets tracked in your product. It sounds unattainable but isn’t.

By standardising your product analytics using The Avo Analytics Governance Workflow, the insights and intelligence in your data is protected with a single source of truth for your cross-platform analytics.

With Avo your whole team has access to the data in a navigable UI. It makes your product analytics accessible. Just that gets your team back to work on moving your business forward, instead of chasing down frustrating inefficiencies.

What we find though is this democratized access to data is not that it just frees up time, but it empowers your team to drive your business forward using data.

Walkthrough of the Avo workflow

Get in touch if you have any questions or would like some help getting started.